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Pasta on the rocks (Deutsch)

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75 pasta recipes to try at home

with exciting stories of pasta, cooks and South Tyrol

over 300 pages

In his direct language provides Markus Holzer, who dies young South Tyrolean cuisine, readers before his world of pasta and noodles.

In a humorous and entertaining, a series of secrets are revealed. How to manage the sauce stuck on the pasta and not just on the bottom plate. Because the quenching of sin noodles with cold water. Many other valuable tips straight from his mountain cuisine lunch in San Candido.

All this is packaged in exciting stories his time in Germany, Italy and, of course, the South Tyrol. Where not everything went smoothly. It takes a look at his compatriots, his native South Tyrol and provides a unique insight into the life of the chefs.

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with a foreword by Norbert Niederkofler


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